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In today’s world of Vape Wholesale London has become the safest form of smoking than tobacco cigarettes, they have helped a lot smokers to quit smoking. Vape Wholesale London Since its inception in 2004 its usage has greatly increased especially in the United Kingdom. Some of the main reasons why people prefer to use e-cigarettes is when they are trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, reduce the risk of smoking or trying to save money. Majority of the vape smokers used to be tobacco cigarette smokers, this shows that people are quickly transitioning from cigarette smoking to vape smoking. Vape wholesale London has exponentially increased since the introduction of vape. You can be able to find different vape products at different shapes, design, size and price, either at online stores like vapers wholesale or at physical shops.

Vape wholesale London has all your favourite wholesale brands in stock. They have all the brands available in the market. The most popular vape products in stock on their website include the following.


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Smok Priv One Kit

Smok priv one kit is the modern evolution of a small starter kit from a top rated manufacturer in the industry which produces a good vaping experience. It is the best kit for beginners. It comes in 4 amazing colours to choose from, they include yellow/mother of pearl, green/mother of pearl, purple/mother of pearl and blue/mother of pearl. Vape wholesale London has these unique brands in stock for its esteem customers.

Smok Veneno kit (TPD)

This vape kit comes with a 1*Venemo MOD, 1*TFV8 Baby light edition, 2*coil Q2 EU core, 1*replacement glass tube,1*user manual and 1*USB charger. The device, found in vape wholesale London, is easy to use and operate. Its innovative design will give you the best vape experience.

Vaporesso switcher kit

The vape kit comes with a 220W switcher MOD box, the switcher is powered by the latest OMNI Board 2.6, which entails the simplest operation with newly added features such as the graphical virtual keys, puff number statistics, high power protection and an unlock button. Vaporesso switcher kit can be bought online on vape wholesale London and It has a replaceable all-metal case design which allows you to decorate the switcher with optional cases.

Smok V8 baby stick

The vape kit consists of 2000mAh integrated battery, an intelligent battery life indicator, durable alloy construction, single button operation and a full safety and protection suite. It also has a simple mechanical pen style that matches the baby beast TFV8 baby tank, the new pet kit brings the purest taste experience. Vape wholesale London has made sure that you will never luck this item.

Smok Pro Kit

This vape starter kit is the latest masterpiece from SMOKTech’s advanced systems. It comes with the industry-leading features and designs of pro colour 225 wattage mod, it has RGB backlights which is shaped like a shield with a large colourful OLED screen, it has a newly designed software interface and also has the beloved TVF8 big ohm tank. It’s a perfect innovative vape product.

Smok Mag Kit (TPD compliant)

It comes with TVF12 Prince and Mag mod. It has a large bright HD colour screen to display the detailed data. You just have to pull the trigger to vape. The Smoke Mag kit is powered by two 18650 batteries, has a wattage range of 6W to 225W output, has a resistance range (TC mode) of 0.05 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms and (wattage mode) of 0.1 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms. You’ll be blown away by its new and innovative vaping experience.


Vape usage will continue to rise exponentially over the years, this is due to the growing passionate support of its users. When we look at Vaping products, we can see they have managed to acquire mass appeal that has managed to challenge the market position of combustible tobaccos. Vape products from vape wholesale London, have been made readily and easily available to users at affordable prices. Majority of the vape users purchase their products using various online vape selling websites. The vape sellers have continuously marketed the merits of their products to their potential and existing users, they usually emphasize that smoking vape is better than tobacco smoking. Through this tactic, they have been able to acquire a huge following and customers who are willing to purchase their products.