E Cig Mods Wholesale UK

E Cig Mods Wholesale UK

E Cig Mods Wholesale UK

E-cig usage is a rapidly growing culture, not only in the UK but globally as well. This has led to the general increase of e-cig mods wholesales in the UK. Vape mods blend technical craftsmanship, artistry and engineering creativity and what’s more is that it was all developed in the UK. Some developers spend hours on E Cig Mods Wholesale UK end tricking the hardware to get better hits while others are mainly after making a classy unmatchable design. With a tight competition in the e-cig mods wholesale UK market, one has to be cunning enough to outsmart the competition. This is probably why you will find E-cig Mods of all sizes, designs and much more is yet to come.
Modding is quite adventurers for the vapers. They say that it helps them take a big step in kicking out the tobacco habit. This may be true in some ways but the nature of the 2 commodities cannot be torn apart. E-cig mods wholesalers in the UK will at most times have both commodities as they are considered to be products under one umbrella.


The best E-cig Mods in the UK

Over the years, the E Cig Mods Wholesale UK and vape mod technology has undoubtedly enhanced several folds. If you were to compare a design model made in 2013 and the current market models, you would almost think that we are in some kind of a distant future due to the enhanced mechanics and designs implemented on to this small gadget over time. In many ways, this has been the major reason that the e-cig mods wholesalers in the UK, are ripping profits that they could not have even projected a year ago. Here are some of the best selling brands in the UK e-cig mods market.  Get all your E-Cig Mods Wholesale UK from Vapers Wholesale.


Jacvapour Series S22

This gadget can be termed as a technological hybrid as it is in many ways a merger between the vape pen and the box mod. It delivers desired amounts of pleasure for both the vapers and the modders. This device is easy to use and its sleek design makes it easy to grip. It has the s22 tank which delivers great performance.
The best part is that it offers its users a great mouth to lung vape/mod and at the same time, has sub ohm for a direct lung vaping. Alot of the E-Cig Mods Wholesale UK are found in select wholesaling outlets. Not all do them. With the kacvapour series s22, you have the power to control the wattage through the various settings available. The coil will then instantly be detected by the mod which will then deliver power as per your default setting. In the E-cig mod wholesale UK, you will find this device with the battery capacity of 2600Ah and in a small and compact design.


Aspire Zelos – 50W

AspireZelos 400x400 E Cig Mods Wholesale UK

This is one of the latest vape mod models you will find in the e-cig mods wholesale UK. It is a product of Aspire, which has been in the e-cig business as of 2013.
It can be termed as one of the few exotic brands due to the nature of its packaging and its mechanism. It comes in a kit and has Nautilus 2 tank. The design allows for easy vaping for both beginners and experienced vapers.
In the E Cig Mods Wholesale UK, you will find it equipped with a 2500mAh battery for a prolonged mouth to lung vaping experience.


Innokin Cool Fire 4 – 40W

InnokinCoolFire 401x400 E Cig Mods Wholesale UK

When it comes to vaping, you cannot talk about sophistication without mentioning the Innokin Cool Fire 4 – 40W. This is due to its unique design and the iSub tank. It comes packed with a 50W quality sub. The amazing thing is that this vape is great for all users of all levels.


The Vapers Wholesale E-cig mods wholesale UK has some amazing mods for all users of all levels. You will be glad to know that the stoke is filled with only the finest of quality and the most recent designs that deliver the pleasure you truly crave for at all times. For a list of known ecig brands click here.

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