Vape mods wholesale UK

Vape mods wholesale UK

Vaping is supposed to give you that mouth to lung feeling that you crave for. For the finest quality vape mods in the UK, you should check out the unlimited variety of vape modes at the vape mods wholesale UK. Here you will find all sorts of vaping mods for all categories of vapers.

It is said that with the rise of vaping, smoking fell by close to two thirds in the UK. This is because it offered fewer health risks compared to the traditional cigarettes still maintained the same amount of satisfaction one gets from using it. Vape mods wholesale UK has over the years held in its store, all shapes and sizes from various brands which ultimately led to the satisfaction of its clientele.

Vape mods wholesale UK has some of the finest vaping modes in the UK due to their vast knowledge of the vaping technology industry and their undeniable understanding of the demand and supply market. Here are some of the Vape mods you will find in vape mods wholesale UK.


Aspire speeder mod

AspireSpeedMod Vape mods wholesale UK

Aspire produced this high powered vape mod which is compact yet powerful in so many ways. It packs a power wattage of 200w and has a dual battery (18650). There are more reasons as to why vape mode wholesale UK fount it worthy of being in its store. This device comes with an auto-rotate OLED screen of 0.96 inches, it has a fire adjusting node and it comes with a customizable power setting. It also allows you to couple it with any yank of your choice. Vape mode wholesale UK had a pretty good idea of what they were doing when they selected this power vape mod. This cutting-edge device is temperature controlled offering range of 200℉ to 600℉. This gives the user power to customize and regulate the heat to their desired levels, now that’s flexibility. The dual battery n the other hand offers the user with a controllable 1-200 watts which means that the voltage will range between 1-8.4V. With that kind of power, you are set for a whole day of vaping. This power device comes in a kit and has 2 versions with the man difference being a 2ml and 4ml tank.

Desire X-Mod

DesireXMod 400x400 Vape mods wholesale UK

This is the latest product from its brand which packs a 200w power. It has a massive dual battery carriage (18650). Its body is finely mechanized with the durable Zinc Alloy. The most probable reason for having it in the vape mods wholesale UK store its sophisticated ergonomic yet beautiful aesthetics. It doesn’t stop to impress there, it has a full suit temperature control support and utilizes a three button design (unlike most vaping mods) with a user-friendly interface which comes with an OLED display screen of 0.96 inches. It has a unique mechanism that utilizes a gold plated spring for conductivity while the dual battery is housed by a heavy-duty magnetic body.

Vapers wholesale

Acquiring your vaping wholesale supply has just been made easier due to the discount it attracts. We all know how hectic it is to keep buying one vaping mod every now and then yet the ultimate cost is way higher than what you could have used to acquire a vaping wholesale supply. At vapers wholesale, you will be glad to find that any and all products attract a desirable discount with every bulk purchase thereby saving you time and money. If you are a vaper or a modder, vaping wholesale supply is the way to go due to its numerous benefits.


Vapers wholesale UK is undoubtedly one of the best vaping wholesale supply stores in the UK. They have proved this time and again due to their large stock which evidently caters to every group of vapers and modders. Be it a beginner, a transit or a hardcore, they have got you covered. Variety always opens doors for more possibilities.

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