Vape supplies wholesale UK

Vape supplies wholesale UK


Finding the right Vape supplies from a UK wholesaler can be a challenging feat. Vape supplies wholesale UK at Vapers Wholesale, being a widely used commodity in the UK, the industry has seen massive growth of vape wholesale suppliers across the UK and Globally. These wholesalers provide a wide range of e-cigs which are smokeless compared to the traditional cigar. Vaping can be termed as a booming business in the UK, there are wholesale programs that are willing to assist set up a distribution centre/network for any individual interested in joining the vaping business. The wholesalers are compelled by the demand to supply the most used brands in Europe. Most of the products in demand are of modern-day technology and they include the following:



Smokeless and in many ways better than the traditional cigarette, this commodity has proven to be very popular of recent times in the UK. They come in different models in regards to their battery life. That is; m401, m402, and m403. The most durable being the m401 while the m403 has the shortest lifespan. Each type is made to suit their various and diverse consumers. However, the 510 is undoubtedly the most common type of e-cigarette threading due to its compatibility with a majority of the electronic cigarettes in the market. Vape supplies wholesale UK at Vapers Wholesale sources only the best e cigarettes.

There are other types of threading of e-cigarette available in the market like the KR808 which is mostly used in the Halo Cigs Triton Tank, Halo G6, Mini tank and Halo clear tank.

The L88B is an early design for atomizers used in smaller e-cigarettes. That was way before the introduction and popularity of the cartomizers. The 901 e-cigarette’s popularity was shadowed by the introduction of the 510. It was considered a major improvement which was welcomed by the users.


Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)

This vape is physically larger than the traditional cigar and to top it up, it has a bigger more powerful battery. It goes by the names mod or a modified e-cigarette

Vaping is a booming industry. Vape Store UK already has a steady foothold in the market. Selling thousands of items every month and helping big chains and small stores alike, our e-cigarette wholesale program can give you a shoulder to stand on when launching your first shop. You may already be an owner of a vape shop and are looking for a new or even cheaper vape wholesale outlet in the UK. If that is the case, Vape Store UK is here to help.

Many Vape wholesalers in the UK have plenty of stoke of this particular brand of e-cigarette since it is popular and preferred to many other brands.

Vapor Hub International has the widest supply of authentic wholesale vape, RDA’S and e-liquid. E-liquid is popular in USA but it has started catching up in the UK as well. I implemented well, the e-liquid would drive traffic to your wholesale in the UK.


E-cig categories

Mini e-cigarettes- Though they range in sizes, they are known to be the smallest brand of cigarettes available in the UK market. Some of them come close to being the same size as the regular cigarette but most e-cigs do vary in length and size in general. The larger brands have been equipped with a bigger battery capacity. This would be an ideal type of cigarette for beginners as it will help them in transitioning to e-cigarettes. It is however said to have certain downsides.

Vape Pens (vaporizer e-cig)- They are bigger than the mini e-cigarettes and provide a longer battery life. This would be a great treat for the new and regular vapers. Mostly for those using the mini e-cigs. The other e-cig users would feel quite a difference in the taste of this particular brand.

Box Mods- These are considered as a step up from their smaller adversary, the vape pens, that is probably why many vapers have opted to use this specific brand for various reasons. Most advanced users have no problem with it but as for the beginners, they will definitely find the ride a little bumpy.


Pros of mini e-cigs

• They are useful when it comes to transitioning between e-cigs as they will make the vaper more familiar with the scent, size, appearance and battery life. It also stands to be one of the finest cigs for beginners due to its mild nature.

• It is a simple, compact and portable. You can carry it around and use it pretty much anywhere without the worry of smoke emission.

• It has a portable charging case and it comes with a charging kit which comes in handy whenever you are on the go.

• It is considered as a great entry point into the world of e-cigarettes.

Cons of mini e-cigs

• Size will determine how much vaping time you will have. The smaller it is the lesser charge it will carry and the lesser vaping time you will get.

• You would require carrying an extra set of batteries if you smoke frequently due to the limited capacity of the original battery.

• It is not advised for heavy smokers as it is bound to bring annoyance rather than pleasure due to its capacity.

• It leaves less room for customization compared to the other available brands.

• The quality will always vary and appearance will be deceitful, you are advised to avoid the cheap ones as they are bound to annoy you.

There exist many vape kits in the UK, there is, therefore, need to mention a few that stand out from the rest. Here are some that top that list.


Aspire Premium Vape Kit

If you are an experienced vaper or a vapor wholesaler then this is the brand you need to have. It will save you from box mods and sub-ohm vaping. This premium kit involves the incorporation of a powerful carbon fibre battery which has a circuit protection and a common USB charger. Its tank is the Nautilus Mini which is sleek, high performance and streamlined. It also has an adjustable airflow control, a 2ml liquid capacity, and a bottom vertical coil. These qualities make this vape pen a popular choice in the UK. Vape supplies wholesale UK from Vapers Wholesale source only the best Premium Vape Kits.


Innokin Cool Fire

One of the coolest products from Vape supplies wholesale UK at Vapers Wholesale is this awesome fire vape pen combines power with simplicity to give the user the ultimate vaping experience. This vape is powered by a pair of replaceable batteries (18350). It has a featherweight, sleek, stainless steel body which happens to be travel-friendly. Monitoring your e-liquid level has been made easier by the use of a pyrex glass tank for clear visibility. It also uses an iClear dual coil Clearomizer which gives it a resistance of 2 ohms. This is one of the few vape kits with a classy design.


Innokin iTaste 134 Mini Kit

This is a high-performance setup which has a slim featherweight body. The complete body is made up of two stainless tanks. The vape kit is equipped with a 18350 battery which offers the user wattage from 7-12.5w. The tanks have an iclear dual coil which helps elevate the vapers experience. Its tank is massive with the capacity of 3ml which provides you with enough juice to keep you going for longer. This also allows users to monitor the levels of the e-liquid. Refilling is made easier with the bottom feed design.


Vaping businesses are flourishing and growing in the UK. The industry has been growing exponentially over the last few years and there is still much opportunity in this field in the UK and Globally. Anyone willing to join the wholesale industry in regards to vape, should not worry as there are plenty of stakeholders who are willing to see their projects through as it is quite a profitable business. This a very lucrative business which needs one to be well informed on which brands to stoke and which ones to avoid the growth of the business. Vapers Wholesale sources the best Vape supplies wholesale UK and Globally. The users, on the other hand, are always looking for a better experience day in day out. Start sourcing your products right here. Or read about some of the brands that we can stock.

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