Wholesale vaping supplies UK

Wholesale vaping supplies UK

Wholesale vaping supplies UK

Vaping is a common and growing culture in the UK. This requires there to be a sufficient supplier of all vaping products, modding, and their accessories. Vapers wholesale is a leading Wholesale vaping supplies UK  and Globally. We have every product from e-liquids, atomizers, mods, vape kits and much more.

Do your online purchase of wholesale vaping supplies UK at Vapers wholesale UK since you will never miss any of your favourite brands including One Lite, Smok, Aspire, Capresso, Geek Vape, Innokin among others. A wholesale purchase will attract an attractive discount which will allow you to make that saving you have always wanted.


This method of vaping has been around for a while now and it involves dripping. The user simply drips the e-liquid onto the atomizer and the vaping begins. Wholesale vaping supplies UK has several brands of atomizers to suit all categories of users. Here are some:

Aspire Athos tank

AspireAthosTank 400x400 Wholesale vaping supplies UK

It comes as a kit which means it has powerful independent parts that when completed is powered by 200w. The gadget is appealing to the eye due to its classy design which incorporates old-school design and technology. You have the option of choosing between a wide bore Delrin dripping tip and a tapered clear drip tip. Wholesale vaping supplies UK has selected this gadget to be among its stoke due to its unique yet simple design. You have the power to control/adjust airflow using the adjustable airflow ring.

Crown 3 Mini

This product from Uwell has found itself in vaping wholesale supplies UK due to its growing popularity among the UK users. It comes with a 2ml capacity tank, plug sub ohm coil system and a top filling system. The kit comes with a bubble glass of worth 4.5ml that can be used to expand the capacity of the crown.


Wholesale vaping supplies UK would be incomplete without these and so would any vaping gadget be. These accessories come as an added advantage over regular users. Once you have one of these top class accessories from wholesale vaping supplies UK, u will be able to get that extra feeling of satisfaction whenever you do your vaping. In many ways, it’s like butter on bread. Here are some:

Pen M17 Coils

This 17.5mm wide accessory comes with a build in tank system which holds a capacity of 2ml. In the box, you will find a 0.6 ohm (dual coil). This marvel is designed for wattage use leaving you with a certain twist of satisfaction that you will not find with any other accessory. Now you know why it made the list of wholesale vaping supplies UK.

Innokin T18e Coil

The innovators of this model wanted to stand out and they did just that. They achieved a 1.5 ohm 5 pack replacement tank. The ones that come with the isub tanks have the same 1.5ohm resistance as the replacements so you will always be sorted whenever you go out. Wholesale vaping supplies UK has this in stoke due to its unbeatable replacement package and creative design.

Aspire Athos Coils A5

AspireAthosCoilsA5 679x400 Wholesale vaping supplies UK

Its low ohm resistance of 0.16 makes it have a higher power output, therefore, you can’t use it with certain e-cigs. It is recommended that one uses it at a recommended 100-120 watts. That is just how powerful this innovative accessory is. Due to this power and capacity, this amazing device can be found in the wholesale vaping supplies UK. Aspire also released a younger sister to Athos Coils A5 called the Aspire Athos Coils A3. It is a lesser version of this device but it serves the purpose for those who can get satisfied with 60-70 watts.


Any wholesaler that supplies vaping products should always have its accessories and in as many brands, design and specifications as possible. Wholesale vaping supplies UK has made sure that no accessory is not accounted for.

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